Action Learning is a refreshing and powerful methodology that brings people together to creatively analyze specific work problems and develop flexible and successful strategies for solving them. With inquiry at the core of the process, Action Learning provides a framework that minimizes power struggles and needless debates, taps unused resources, and promotes vigorous learning for leaders, groups, and the organization as a whole.

Joanne uses Action Learning to elevate the collaboration, creativity, and courage of groups to solve problems of great urgency.

Using this dynamic process she helps organizations:

  • Solve complex business problems that may appear unsolvable
  • Equip leaders with a style of thinking that is responsive to fast-changing business demands
  • Form high functioning teams more rapidly than participants have ever experienced
  • And… have the above benefits cascade through the entire enterprise

Joanne is a certified Action Learning coach and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the World Institute for Action Learning, the certification institution for Action Learning.

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