Approach and
Sample Results

Executives who worked with me…

  • Significantly improved their decision-making and ability to manage relationships in high-pressure situations
  • Not only delivered key business outcomes, but also dramatically decreased stress levels and developed more satisfying personal lives
  • Kept performance improving through a variety of organizational changes and leadership transitions
  • Became more effective in their communication with key constituencies inspiring true commitment to the purpose, goals, and mission of their organization
Joanne Irving in a black blouse.


Joanne was my executive coach when we grew overnight from an organization with a budget of $850,000 to one with a budget of over $2 million. It has been over 10 years since I worked with Joanne, but I still have some of her advice posted on my laptop screen.

Bonnie Fogel, the Founder & Executive Director of Imagination Stage, the National Award-Winning Theatre for Children and Youth

Joanne Irving was instrumental in helping me understand how I can be a better leader. She empowered me to free my mind and helped me develop strategies that I have implemented with my team. The results are astonishing! We have been able to create an entirely new offering in the business that will grow our revenues substantially! She has helped transform me from just a leader to an exceptional leader!

Mike Austin, Founder Method 180 Inc.

The three-step model follows a path using the alchemy of curiosity and courage.

Step 1: Inquiry – Clarifying the Situation.

Having gathered substantial information, we analyze and integrate the data. We identify alternatives and weigh the pros and cons of alternative courses of action. How will the choices made impact the various stakeholders, including yourself?

Step 2: Insight – Understanding and Discerning Right Action

During this phase, we clarify the context by gathering data about the situation – your opportunities, challenges, and goals. We also reflect on what assumptions we mightz be making that could limit our mindset.

Step 3: Executing - Accomplishing Bold Objectives

This is the stage of making difficult decisions, aligning stakeholders as much as possible, and implementing our plans. This stage requires courage, as we know we can never have all the necessary information to predict the future.

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We then go back to Inquiry - both curiosity and courage – to examine the impact of the action and adjust accordingly.
On the one hand, the process is an infinity loop – learning, developing, and improving as you move along the curve of curiosity and courage. On the other hand, having accomplished your goals, you can stop at any time.