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Consulting for Leadership Development for Sr Executives – MD, VA, DC


Transformative Experiences for Senior Executives

As a high-level, senior executive, you understand how to overcome adversity. You have mastered work-related and personal challenges. You have executed on tasks that others found intractable and delivered results when others crumbled under the pressure. These strengths mark you as a great leader—driven, motivated, and committed to changing the world for the better.

Transformative Experiences for Senior ExecutivesBut despite all of your success, you know that you could be even more effective. Perhaps it’s that you could accomplish so much more if only those around you would embrace much needed change. Or perhaps it’s that the price of career success shouldn’t have to be your personal health and well-being. Or perhaps you feel like you’ve stalled in your growth as a leader.

The people who come to Joanne are senior leaders and executives who all share the same vision—they are excellent leaders who want to become even better. However, the specific reason they call varies:

  1. Some call with problems. For example, they have team members who perform unevenly, fight amongst themselves, or fight with those in other divisions.
  2. Some are assuming bigger, broader roles and are facing new challenges as a result. For example, they face challenges collaborating around different functional areas. Whereas they were once able to easily get everyone on the same page, suddenly their new collaborators don’t even seem to speak the same language.
  3. Others want to elevate their performance. While they are doing well enough stepping up to the opportunities presented to them, they know their current level of intensity is not sustainable. They are performing well, but this is despite feeling incredibly stressed out.

Joanne helps executives improve business outcomes, while increasing personal satisfaction for themselves and the people around them. She helps leaders solve problems more easily than they sometimes think is possible.

When team members perform unevenly, they don’t need endless “team building exercises,” they need to learn how to transform their experiences. When you assume a new role and your fail-proof strategies don’t translate from one functional area to another, you don’t need someone telling you to “lean in,” you need strategies for changing your experience and the experience of those around you.

So what is experience?

In simple terms, experience consists of people’s perceptions and beliefs. Every individual experiences the world differently. This means if you’re struggling to make something happen, it’s because those around you are locked into a different situation created by their own perceptions and beliefs. If they could just gain access to new tools, change would come easily. But without changing their experience, they resist the belief that something could actually change.

In business, everyone understands the importance of customer experiences. Of course, customer experience is at the core of all successful business transactions. But what gets lost here are the experiences of those internal to the organization. And yet, when it comes to achieving necessary business outcomes through creating lasting organizational change, the felt experiences of leaders and their team members are even more important than customer experiences.

Having spent decades as a psychologist working with both corporate executives and influential government leaders, Joanne understands people, how they change, and what motivates them to change. Her coaching and consulting services are designed to facilitate change using proven psychological principles to transform experiences.

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