What has surprised you?

This is the second in a series of questions I am asking to help us pause for a moment to notice what we are learning about ourselves and our organizations. If you are interested, here is a link back to the first question. We are facing unprecedented challenges today as we navigate through this pandemic. Challenges … Continue reading What has surprised you? MORE >

What are you learning?

Even as we endeavor to survive this pandemic –  to see that people have the basic necessities of life, to keep as many healthy as we can and save those who fall ill, it is important to record what we are learning about ourselves, our organizations, and our society. But it is difficult to take … Continue reading What are you learning? MORE >

In Defense of Laziness

Yikes, it’s August! Two-thirds of the summer is over. And as everyone knows, even if you don’t celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the new year begins in September. September – when we all go back to school – make resolutions, get focused, go to work and gear up for the fourth quarter. But it’s not September yet … Continue reading In Defense of Laziness MORE >

Difficult Relationships at Work – Don’t Get Caught in the Personality Trap

“He is so difficult – impossible to work with.” “She is so perfectionistic – there is no pleasing her.” “I have two SVPs who simply can’t get along.” “He has such a bad attitude – negative about everything.” “Those folks in IT/Procurement/Contracting [name the department] are just difficult/lazy [name the character defect].” “She undermines every … Continue reading Difficult Relationships at Work – Don’t Get Caught in the Personality Trap MORE >

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