Joanne understands that as an executive you need someone who…

  • You can talk with about your successes, aspirations, and doubts trusting that the sole focus is on your best interest
  • Can quickly evaluate situations from a strategic problem solving perspective
  • Can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your executive team
  • Can advise you about how to work with your stakeholders based on deep understanding of group and individual dynamics

Joanne will help you enhance business performance and increase satisfaction and fulfillment for yourself and those around you. Through her innovative approach to working with executives in the science of transforming experiences, Joanne will put her expertise to work developing strategies you can immediately implement to solve problems and start seeing positive changes in yourself, your team and your organization.

Among the results, executives who’ve worked with Joanne:

  • Kept performance improving through a variety of organizational changes and leadership transitions
  • Became more effective in their communication with key constituencies thereby inspiring true commitment to the purpose, goals, and mission of their organization
  • Significantly improved their decision-making and ability to manage relationships in high-pressure situations
  • Not only delivered key business outcomes, but also dramatically decreased stress levels and developed more satisfying personal lives

Contact Joanne today to talk about your specific needs.