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Tag: Enhance Executive Performance

Meditation is Mental Fitness Training

Meditation: A powerful mind-enhancing drug that has no side effects and is completely free “Meditate?” The hard-driving, successful COO looked at me askance and replied to my suggestion, “That’s not for me. I’ve tried it; I hated it; I can’t do it.” As a businessperson, if you find something that will improve your organization’s performance, … Continue reading Meditation is Mental Fitness Training MORE >

Zoom is Like a New Lover – Thrilling and Idealized

We are so fortunate that we can stay connected via video conferencing these days. This unprecedented time of social distancing would be so much more difficult without this medium. Despite the enormous disaster of COVID-19, for many of us, some semblance of our daily lives has been able to continue. Via video, we are able to … Continue reading Zoom is Like a New Lover – Thrilling and Idealized MORE >

In Defense of Laziness

Yikes, it’s August! Two-thirds of the summer is over. And as everyone knows, even if you don’t celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the new year begins in September. September – when we all go back to school – make resolutions, get focused, go to work and gear up for the fourth quarter. But it’s not September yet … Continue reading In Defense of Laziness MORE >

Not so Fast – Don’t Hire that Executive Coach (…Yet)

This may sound strange coming from someone who coaches many executives and it’s true that some of my best clients begin by telling me that they want executive coaching for one of their senior leaders. But before I start talking about a contract, my first response to such a request is to ask why. The … Continue reading Not so Fast – Don’t Hire that Executive Coach (…Yet) MORE >

Leading, Living Life Well, and Your Legacy

A dear friend and colleague of mine passed away at the end of last month.  I know the date because she had intended to let her clients know of her rapidly declining health in her next newsletter. Corrie (far right) sent her newsletter without fail on the 1st of every month – not the 2nd, not the 3rd, … Continue reading Leading, Living Life Well, and Your Legacy MORE >

Forget Work Life Balance

As a senior business executive, do you feel that your entire life is consumed by your work? Do you believe that you have to make tradeoffs between professional commitment and fully embracing life? Do you see the competition between work and personal life as a zero-sum game? If so, your mindset is limiting both. With … Continue reading Forget Work Life Balance MORE >