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Tag: exercise for the mind

Meditation is Mental Fitness Training

Meditation: A powerful mind-enhancing drug that has no side effects and is completely free “Meditate?” The hard-driving, successful COO looked at me askance and replied to my suggestion, “That’s not for me. I’ve tried it; I hated it; I can’t do it.” As a businessperson, if you find something that will improve your organization’s performance, … Continue reading Meditation is Mental Fitness Training MORE >

In Defense of Laziness

Yikes, it’s August! Two-thirds of the summer is over. And as everyone knows, even if you don’t celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the new year begins in September. September – when we all go back to school – make resolutions, get focused, go to work and gear up for the fourth quarter. But it’s not September yet … Continue reading In Defense of Laziness MORE >