“I have worked with Joanne Irving for about 6 months, to help me grow into a promotional role. Our relationship was built on mutual respect, candidness, and trust. We started with an independent personality assessment, and developed my personal goals from there. On a monthly basis, we talked through strategies, approaches and potential issues. Joanne has been tremendous in helping me find opportunities to grow, she encouraged me to reach higher, and she always had another solution to consider, which I really appreciated. Overall, I owe Joanne and our coach/mentee relationship a great deal.”
Maike Stenull, VP, Global Head Strategy & Business Operations, Global External Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

“I had the privilege of having Joanne Irving as my executive coach. Some of the factors that differentiated Joanne from other coaches that I have worked with in the past are her strong listening skills; use of examples in her coaching style; very practical and useful coaching advice; and her broad leadership expertise. I gained many valuable, practical learnings during my 9 months working with Joanne that I continue to apply to my leadership. I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such an inspiring coach.”
Sally Macaluso, Vice-President Marketing and Business Services, Johnson & Johnson

“Joanne was my executive coach when we grew overnight from an organization with a budget of $850,000 to one with a budget of over $2 million. It has been over been over 10 years since I worked with Joanne, but I still have some of her advice posted on the front of my computer.”
BONNIE FOGEL, the FOUNDER & EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Imagination Stage, the National Award-Winning Theatre for Children and Youth

“I have seen Joanne Irving in action. She quickly understands a situation including the players involved, navigates through the fog of distractions and politics and determines the ideal solution without getting caught-up in the unnecessary minutiae – a rare gift in business today.”
Jo-Anne Hill, Founder, JH Hospitality

“Joanne Irving was instrumental in helping me understand how I can be a better leader. She empowered me to free my mind and helped me develop strategies that I have implemented with my team. The results are astonishing! We have been able to create an entirely new offering in the business that will grow our revenues substantially! She has helped transform me from just a leader to an exceptional leader!”
Mike Austin, Founder Method 180 Inc.

“Thank you doesn’t begin to encompass the gratitude extended to you. Thank you for a spirited board retreat, direction for continued action, and gentle nudging to help keep us going. [We have a] new understanding of our functions and what is needed to perform as a group.”
Susan Kirk, Executive Director, Bethesda Cares

“We consulted Joanne Irving about a highly sensitive and complicated work environment issue. She skillfully analyzed the situation and rapidly guided us to a practical, high value outcome. Joanne’s communication skills combined with her keen insight were a great asset to us.”
Saul Goldfarb, President and CEO
Goldfarb & Associates, Inc

“Joanne brings a unique combination of business acumen and psychological insight to her executive clients. Her many years of experience as a psychologist working with individuals as well as teams, along with her substantial training, enable Joanne to quickly identify the key issues embedded in complex situations. Senior executives who work with her zero in on the best strategies to achieve their best outcomes. It’s a win for the organization and a win for the individual.”
Sue Hanley founder and president of Susan Hanley LLC, formerly director of the Portals, Collaboration, and Content Management practice at Dell Professional Services

“Joanne Irving worked with me as I addressed a number of challenges in my organization which serves thousands of participants. Her approach was customized to meet our unique organizational situation and needs. Joanne challenged assumptions, identified true obstacles, and deepened my understanding of key employees such that I was able to appreciate their strengths and deploy them effectively. She also brought to the table great ideas about communicating well across a large organization. As a result of our work together, in addition to strengthening the management team as a whole, my own effectiveness as a leader was significantly improved and our organization was positioned well to make some important changes.”
Executive Director
Nonprofit organization
Washington, DC

“It is my great pleasure to endorse Joanne Irving. Joanne is a bright, savvy individual who adds value in all that she does. Her training and experience in psychology, combined with her innate inquisitiveness and analytical prowess, make her a tremendous asset to her clients. She is capable, reliable, honest, and caring in all of her client (and personal) interactions. I highly recommend her.”
Liz Bywater, PhD, President, Bywater Consulting Group, LLC