What are you learning?

Even as we endeavor to survive this pandemic –  to see that people have the basic necessities of life, to keep as many healthy as we can and save those who fall ill, it is important to record what we are learning about ourselves, our organizations, and our society. But it is difficult to take the time to do so.

A close friend of mine who was a “grunt” in VietNam told me that he vowed that when/if he ever got home that he would savor every clean dry bed, every home cooked meal, every moment relaxing with friends and never complain.  But once home for 6 months, he had reverted to having the same complaints that the rest of us privileged had.

Businesses and organizations, work itself, will never be the same after this crisis. What changes do we want to retain and build on? These changes need to  be made consciously based on the lessons we are learning.

But so many leaders, like yourselves, are too busy to have the luxury of writing right now –  trying to fly the airplane and remodel it at the same time. So I decided to pose a series of questions to prompt brief “journal entries.”

Please share your answers here.

What are you learning about your organization/business as we go through this pandemic?

If you are not willing to respond here, but willing to share, you can contact me at joanne.irving@i2aa.com. I will keep all responses anonymous.

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