Even great leaders sometimes get stuck

You know that simply pushing harder is insufficient and that it is impossible to "see the label from inside the bottle." That's why champion leaders engage an expert ally who can support and challenge them.

It's about Transformative Conversations

  • There is no cookbook, no standard protocol, no off the shelf solution because you are unique and so is your situation
  • It's an iterative process that broadens and deepens as you decide to take advantage of opportunities and challenges that emerge
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Joanne is a thoughtful and insightful coach, good at listening, good at challenging and able to prompt effective action. She is insightful about organizational issues, and was a supportive partner to have during the process of driving change in my team.

David Gordon
Head of Late Stage Development, Immunology R&D

Joanne challenged assumptions, identified true obstacles, and deepened my understanding of key employees such that I was able to deploy them effectively. My own impact as a leader was significantly improved and our organization was positioned well to make some important changes.

Lorraine Lewis
Executive Director, Nonprofit organization serving thousands of participants, Washington, DC

Our relationship was built on mutual respect, candidness, and trust. She has been tremendous in helping me find opportunities to grow, she encouraged me to reach higher, and she always had another solution to consider.

Maike Stenull, VP, Global Head Strategy & Business
Operations, Global External Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

Joanne Irving’s approach combines business acumen with a depth of psychological insight. She has fortified me through several complex challenges, supporting my vision and offering insightful observations. Joanne is adept at cutting through distractions, swiftly pinpointing core issues, and offering practical solutions. Whether it's navigating rapid organizational change or refining individual leadership skills, her impact is deeply felt and long-lasting.

Jennifer Farris
Chief Operating Officer at Columbia University, Zuckerman Institute

Psychologist, Author, Advisor

Working at the intersection of business and psychology for over thirty years, Joanne has helped hundreds of leaders meet complex professional and personal challenges and achieve extraordinary goals.

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Helping leaders create resilience, clarity of thought and confidence in action in tumultuous times, this book is vital for leaders to remain relevant.

This is a thoughtful, pragmatic, readable guide to structuring and improving the manner in which a conscientious executive leads. I have applied the principles on multiple occasions. Joanne encourages you to challenge your ideas. I have gauged the efficacy - and the stuff works.

John J. Mulrooney, II
Chief Administrative Law Judge at United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration