Examples of my Clients

Large Corporation Executives

27 Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Senior Directors of a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company

The executives faced a wide range of issues related to role transitions and complex organizational change. Leaders received accolades and promotions as they led their teams to increased capabilities and effectiveness.

Among those I advised were the following:

  • Senior VP of Sales
  • Senior VP, Chief Privacy Officer, World Corporate Headquarters
  • VP of GMS Operations
  • VP of Business Services Procurement
  • Senior VP of Sales
  • Senior VP, Chief Privacy Officer, World Corporate Headquarters
  • VP of GMS Operations
  • VP of Business Services Procurement

Executive Director of Global Drug Safety Operations of a specialized pharmaceutical company

Due to a series of safety incidents, the company's revenue of $4.9 billion was at risk. The leadership team was in disarray. My client was hired to remedy the situation. Providing advice and coaching enabled her to focus on the department's strategy. The result was improved department effectiveness, reduced expensive errors in the system, and avoided potential legal sanctions.

Senior Vice President of Sales for an insurance company

This VP was responsible for over half of the company’s $568.3M revenue.  Nonetheless, her relationships with the senior leadership team were fraught with conflict.   Advising focused on developing a strategy for implementing needed change at an organizational and personal level. As a result, she implemented a transformative sales training program.

Non profits and advocacy organization senior executives

Executive Director at Washington, DC, nonprofit organization

Mandated to provide financial and healthcare services for union workers, this organization faced changes in the sector that drastically impacted future funding. With advising, the executive director improved collaboration with the board of directors. As a result, she executed organizational changes that enabled the organization to continue to serve over 90,000 beneficiaries and remain viable today.

Senior Vice President of Policy and Political Affairs

A senior VP at one of the largest national advocacy organizations with a revenue of $48.95 million was facing unprecedented challenges. Coaching focused on improving her leadership style, so she could implement necessary changes to the team’s structure and improve the culture. During the 2020 election cycle, her team recruited 5,800 volunteers nationwide who completed 28,500 hours of voter contact in more than 2,650 volunteer events, resulting in the election of officials at the local, state, and national levels.

Newly appointed CEO of a large state-wide charitable human services organization

The newly appointed CEO was dismayed at the number of organizational issues she discovered as she assumed her new role. The most serious was the underperformance of the CFO whose negligence positioned the organization for impending disaster. Coaching assisted her in establishing the kind of professional relationship with the Board that  enabled them to tackle these issues head-on. The organization not only survived, but it is also thriving, increasing the number of individuals receiving direct services to over 12,000.

Senior executives at institutes of higher learning

COO of a large neuroscience research institute

An organization with grants and fellowships of over $1.2 billion, the CEO’s vision was that it would become a unique institute supporting world-renowned scientists. The COO’s challenge was to transform the organizational structure to support that vision. The COO used me as a thought partner as we navigated many necessary changes in administrative staff and made difficult decisions about roles and processes. Although these changes threatened the status quo, they were executed in such a way that avoided backlash that could have ignited legal action and enabled the institute to move forward with a renewed collaborative culture. 

Vice President, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer

This well-respected East Coast medical school hired the VP to help ameliorate a negative culture.  He was given a limited budget and a very small team. Our work together resulted in developing a modest but meaningful program that addressed immediate concerns and established a path for further reform. Our work also helped him recognize his unique skills and evaluate whether his talents were optimally deployed in that environment. He subsequently accepted a position at a much larger and more prestigious institution.

Vice President of Academic Administration and Operations and Executive Vice Dean

As his company anticipated a merger, this VP wanted to reflect on his career, his opportunities with the new organization, and his professional ambitions. Our discussions helped him recognize the personal strengths and capabilities he had formerly overlooked. He decided to pursue an additional degree while positioning himself for a solid future.





Small business owners

Owner of commercial waterproofing and masonry-restoration company

The owner of this company  with revenue < $20 million wanted to retire and turn the company's management to his executive team. He needed to identify the leaders and their roles and present his thoughts to the team. Our sessions focused on strategy regarding succession planning for a smooth transition to senior executives assuming more responsibility and accountability in preparation for ESOP structure.

Owner of an accounting services firm

Returning to work following his recovery from a heart attack, the owner had decided that he wanted a better work/life balance. Our discussions focused on developing a clearly articulated vision of the firm and its mission.  Meeting with his leadership team, they crafted a strategy for implementing that vision and mission with an organizational structure that defined leadership positions and associated roles and responsibilities. As a result, the owner could step away from delivering services and assumed an advisory role that enabled him to enjoy his new house at the beach.

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Owner of a real estate LLC

The owner had built a real estate portfolio with over $15 million in assets. He wanted to create a family-owned business that would involve his wife and children. Working in tandem with attorneys, accountants, and other advisors, my work resulted in decreased spouse’s anxiety, family members suitably involved in the business as their talents, skills, and interests permitted, and a family mission statement to guide decisions and actions.