As you well know, executive teams and boards of directors by definition are comprised of senior leaders who have evolved to top-tier positions via their strong individual competencies. Integrating those separate competencies so that a team functions seamlessly is key to executing sound business strategies. A major stumbling block is the absence of effective mechanisms for making strategic decisions, balancing power, and achieving results.

Joanne’s training in psychology and her years of experience give her an in-depth understanding of group dynamics, individual motivation, and how to build relationships of trust and respect. As a result, she provides solutions that go beyond short-term fixes and packaged workshops, with team coaching that ensures successful and lasting outcomes.

She works with teams to:

  • Build a team culture of mutual trust and respect
  • Engage in effective dialogue, face strategy conflicts, and balance power
  • Strengthen the leadership capacity of every team member
  • Establish clear strategic goals and direction
  • Create appropriate structures and effective processes
  • Define mutual accountability for team results

Ultimately, when the executive team is functioning at high capacity, this effectiveness flows down throughout the organization. Wisdom spreads, communication is clear, and supporting teams are empowered.

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